#BeReal as a Junior Developer

You have your pace. Do not let somebody else dictate your progress.

Note: Not a beginners programming guide nor promotional content


Many of us got into the programming world for various reasons, some of them were: “Money, Influence, Power” or recommended ones: “Internship, the Well spread word” etc

Regardless of the reasoning, I’m safe to say we have all started at the same level. We all started as a Junior {jobRole}.


Truth is…

If you’re feeling that your progress is slow or fast cause the job may be hard or easy, you got it half right.

Regardless of the position you’ve enrolled yourself in your progress most of the time will only depend on the time you put into it.

I know! You’ve heard it before..

I can bet that each of you had an AHA moment before. After that moment it is plain simple to realize it is actually up to me will this work be hard or moderately hard, let’s be real work won’t ever be easy, simple tasks yeah, sure, but more years you gain in the job you’ll departure from easy tasks and swim in the hard waters.

So what I’m saying Is…

You got the truth half right. I’m currently working on three parallel projects. At first, I thought: “My god this is gonna be impossible for me to understand and even code”. Five months later on all three projects, I still feel that way with some of the newly added tasks but when I take a look back, five months ago I’ve progressed a lot!

I pulled a lot of sleeves while learning HOW & WHY but after a while, you get a grasp on it and you glide. Persistence is the key.



Never swap Actual Humans for Google

I truly do understand that Google contains all the information you would ever need to finish anything, but swapping a machine and fast answers instead of using actual humans your colleagues is in my opinion the bad way to go.

Yes. You cannot pull somebody’s sleeve at each obstacle and you shouldn’t. Browse Google for snippets but use Humans for practice & understanding.

I can not stress enough how many times I’ve seen people copy-pasting code from Google and wondering why shouldn’t isn’t working the way it should work.


Fast answers are bad practice

Try to truly understand your work. Try to understand how something can be done 0–100%. Even when you’re building simple block elements in HTML. How many times have you seen a lot of divs in play meanwhile only two divs are actually necessary to get the job done. You have to start small thinking to combine small lego blocks into a castle of solid information.


Do not stress yourself

God knows how many times I have burned myself out trying to figure something out and worrying about what might happen with my job in case I fail. You have to own yourself. When you do not know something and your fellow Google can not help. Ask a human being. How do you think Google has all that information? Cause of people. We give Google information so tomorrow our peer will finish the job faster, but the population grows and not all people are sharing everything online. Try exploring what your friends might know.

In 2021 we must use everything we have at our disposal.


Give to Take === Take to Give

There was a time when I spent three(3) whole hours with Anna trying to solve my coding task. I took three whole hours out of Anna’s timeline. I know this might now sound like a big deal but let’s be real, we all have a friend that freaks out if you’re late for five minutes. We eventually ended up solving an issue I was having and a week later I spent roughly the same amount of time with Anna trying to solve her problem.

People could be manipulative but in the end, I don’t really care much as long as we are all happy I do not have a problem being used. Inner happiness is a thing I’m striving for therefore I focus on the problem at hand not what caused it ( unless programming problem, you gotta debug son! )



Keep working your angle. Keep it slow if you need to. You’ll reach your destination eventually. Use both Google and Human Assistance, find you Anna (don’t take me literally). Do not stress yourself. Things take time and you should maintain your health level as a primary goal. Do not worry about what might happen if you do not solve a task. Always focus on the problem at hand not what if / when if Stay safe and reach out for help at any time, Stefan Stax @thestefanstax @stefanstaxbusiness@gmail.com

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Thank you for your motivation!

Stefan Stax's photo

Chimi, just remember people are there for you. Everything is a process. :)